Custom Made Abaya


Arum is offering, for limited time only, custom made plain black abaya, with crystal finish material, open front, a convenient attire for tarawih prayers for a mere price of RM200 a piece. All you have to do is submit your measurement for these 3 areas:
1) Bust
2) Hip
3) Length

You would need a tape measure to get your own bust and hip measurement. Measure your bust size and add 6 inches. Do the same for your hip only add 8 inches. The end result would be bust and hip sizes bigger than the actual sizes.

For example, your measurements are as follows:

Bust: 34 inches

Hip: 38 inches


Bust: 34 + 6 = 40 inches.

Hip : 38 + 8 = 46 inches

Length: Just measure from the tip of your shoulder to the tip of your toes. You can make it longer if you want (heel wearers...hehehe).

Using the values 40 inches (bust) and 46 inches (hip) the size is S.

If the resulting value is in between two sizes (let's say, between S and M) choose the bigger size.

(you can refer to the chart in the Home page)

Nevertheless, you can always have a size you feel comfortable enough for you, that is size which you deem would feel comfortable to wear in. Just bear in mind, that it's an abaya and not an evening dress. So, don't go taking your real body measurement. Don't want any curve clinging abaya. That would be sooooo not cool!
Anyway, have fun pondering and get back to us. We will try to make sure that you receive your abaya in time for hajj or umrah. Not an abaya wearer? Let this be your trial run. Try this plain one. You won't regret it! Easy for prayer I tell you. Just slip on (wear a pair of socks) and pray (of course, your hijab as well...heh heh). Slip off once done or better yet, you can keep them on.

Here is an example of a custom made abaya with a crystal finish material:

Go Ahead! Amuse yourself!