Candid Camera!

Models with Uncle (my dad)

Art director at work (Nadirah - cousin)

Our model Akhil Hayy promoting Nr.Bashirah

 My business / Arum partner, Natasha (cousin) with her baby Adrianna
 Sakhee with Nabil (my bro) test shoot

My dad, bro and uncle arriving

Me and the art director preparing the set

My bro (Khairuddin) test shooting the set

My daughter (Maisarah) posing for a phone ad

Me touching up one of the models' ( my cousin, Nana) make up. Make up artist went home already.

My uncle, Cik Poh trying his luck in modeling. (After bypass)

Our model, Akhil Hayy test shoot for Nr. Bashirah

To the point that he can't go on anymore. Poor thing.

Test shoot the set with my brother.

Me setting the model up with our niqab collection.

Me giving instructions to the photographer, my cousin (Yusuf aka Yoyo)

Semua tenaga kerja behind the shoot - brothers, cousins and my uncle

My good friend, my little sister, Ramona, melting in the sun.Kesian dia.

Finished shoot.Picture time.The models, my cousin-Nana,Shahirah & Hurain,Yoyo and my dad.

My business partner, my mom, Hjh. Asri Othman.

My mom and dad. Hjh Asri Othman & Hj Abdul Wahab Yusof. Thank you and Love you guys, mommy daddy.